Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important. That's why we establish a policy to protect the information trusted to us.

We classify as sensitive information any personal, address or credit information supplied to us by you. Any other information we may receive is treated as public and non-confidential.

Most of the time, you will be able to navigate through WebWatch site without revealing any sensitive information. But, in some occasions, it will be necessary to obtain some personal data, such as your name and e-mail address.

Any information provided to 3Elos is protected by a security policy that imposes a rigid access control, through the best techniques and products of the market.

If you decide to disclose any sensitive information through the Internet to 3Elos, we will inform you previously how this information will be used. The information collected in this site will not be sold or given to third parties under any excuse.

We also guarantee we are not going to send any additional information on the company or our products, unless you have requested or authorized.

It is possible that our sites contain links that take you to third parties sites. In these cases, we recommend that you read these sites privacy policies since we do not have any responsibility on the data collected or information published.

You can help us to maintain the accuracy of your sensitive data by notifying us of possible changes on your home and e-mail addresses, position, phone number, or any information that you judge it is necessary, by the e-mail

Our professionals are guided to include the warning related to this policy in each of our sites in accordance to its specific purpose, in a way it can reflect the policy here presented.

3Elos expect to receive comments and questions about this policy. We are dedicated in protecting your personal data and we will make the effort to keep it always safe. Due to the fast evolution of the Internet technologies, we can occasionally update this policy. Any comments our questions must be sent to


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